The Big Three

Deciding on which top hardware brands to work with came very easy, we took the approach like inviting your perfect dinner guests, these big three are without doubt the most exciting brands in the game today, Callaway and Taylormade are the well rounded guests, they bring good wine, they say the right things, others want to sit near them and they won't play footsee under the table whilst PXG is the wild second cousin from the states- who knows how they are going to turn up or if they will be coherent..but they will surely be the secret envy of the other guests- a complete one off! 

Naturally all our clubs will be custom made for you, fitted like the suit you always wanted to wear at no extra cost...we believe choosing your new toys should be all about fun and we count ourselves very lucky that we can be part of it!



Engineered for golfers at every level of the game and made with the finest alloys.



Each premium, Tour-proven shaft is engineered to promote speed, power, stability, feel and control.



Unlocking performance through advanced geometry, controlling and improving your game.