Improve Performance

Be the best you can be, why not? Everybody has limits but only you should decide these.we relish every lesson and make it our goal to defeating those nasty golf demons lurking in the shadows of the golf course.inspirational instruction tailored to your golfing schedule, we have the spell book to make you better - guaranteed..


The Golf Den

A golfer’s sanctuary where we allowed ourselves to run wild....A golfing nirvana deep in the heart of Kirkella, a huge refurbishment of the building and technology installed that does everything except launch a space shuttle!



Our whole emphasis is to make sure our little golfers enter golfing life with the best possible start and they only learn if they are happy - so we make sure each and every one absolutely loves coming to us!


Our golf Academy at Hull Golf Club runs around three awesome PGA instructors, an unbelievable indoor swing analysis centre, 2 grass practice tees and a fantastic golf course-enough said!